Picture Idea Title Idea Description
No Image AvailableCustomized shirtsAccording to me in the market their is need of customization of suiting garments. One individual cam design his own shirt online on a web page just like dress up games, that person will made his own shirt adding new designs, colours, stripes, buttons and even cloth. A corporate individual is very much concerned about his dressing in the market, so focusing on the concerned element of that individual I think there is a need of a platform where that individual can design his own shirt and order that particular shirt and that shirt would be stiched according to his measurement given by customer and delivered to his address within 7 to 8 days and paymentof shirt would be done at delivery.
No Image AvailableCustomized shirtsAccording to me in the market their is need of customization of suiting garments. One individual cam design his own shirt online on a web page just like dress up games, that person will made his own shirt adding new designs, colours, stripes, buttons and even cloth. A corporate individual is very much concerned about his dressing in the market, so focusing on the concerned element of that individual I think there is a need of a platform where that individual can design his own shirt and order that particular shirt and that shirt would be stiched according to his measurement and delivered to his address within 7 to 8 days and paymentof shirt would be done at delivery.
No Image AvailableCustomized shirtsAccording to me in the market their is need of customization of suiting garments. One individual cam design his own shirt online on a web page just like dress up games, that person will made his own shirt adding new designs, colours, stripes, buttons and even cloth. A corporate individual is very much concerned about his dressing in the market, so focusing on the concerned element of that individual I think there is a need of a platform where that individual can design his own shirt and order that particular shirt and that shirt would be stiched according to his measurement given by customer and delivered to his address within 7 to 8 days and paymentof shirt would be done at delivery.
Pista colada projectWe are going to do something new in the project. Which was never done by any competitor in past. We do some innovation in the recipe to give better product and taste to our customers. We will try to give customers more choice in Pista Colada category against our competitors. We make different strategies for different areas and different type of customers
photoshot in one placePhoto shoot in one place In the IT century with the spread of social media like Facebook,instragaram,what's up,emo even that in contact list number of every person,every one try and uses the picture and every person ty to want beatiful himself thats why we take steps for shoting the young person cumulated females comes in a shop like house which is decorated with beatifull painting on wall.every person like to became modern.we give to u opportunity for come in my business and take a photo in a just minute.in this opportunity we take a pictures and a group in facebook with name of one place shoot we upload a photo with the permission of person then the likes is more than1 million then the we earning the benefits.. The first benefits is that every person give opportunity for pictures and can take the pic in less time in soft and hard copy..soft copy upload on what's up picture and Facebook.. In this shop the camera of cannon and Nikon with high qualy lenz uses in this field.. I hope that the my business is promote in future..
C & E (Chicken & Eggs)A poultry farm is meant to cater one of basic nutrients our food, that is, protein , and if it is hygienic and low priced then it would definitely reap huge profits.
No Image Availabledairyy forming The main objective is to earn money as will as a passion.
Export of Gens Cutton supplier to foreign jeans manufacturing firms decide to produce jeans in home country.
parlor on your door stepmy idea is about to provide faciliies on u r door step based ,just like a beauty salon for ladies ,,,
A complete dowry setIn our society or culture, parents or guardian feel to many difficulties when they made dowry for their daughter because too many time and amount required to purchase all things of dowry from different places or shops. If we made a mall as a name of dowry set in which all things of dowry set like furniture set, jewelry set ,electronics set ,utensils set, bride dress and all dress for marriage and gold etc which are required for a dowry, available in one place, then it attracts to customer in all aspects now a busy days. Made a complete set of dowry which are used in our culture now a days according to class wise, for high class family made set accordingly and for middle class family made dowry set according to their purchasing power. People feel easy for selection set and time will be save.
Books DeliveryBooks are very important part of our life. Book reading is a passion today. So, I want to Start a books delivery business for those who cannot go to the shops himself and for those who want books immediately.
It is a home based baking business idea for ladies who already bake in homeIt is a home based baking business idea for ladies who already bake in home With this idea she’s can also earn money starting a home-based bakery might sound fun and easy to do. After all, you're already baking. But there are a few cons to running a home-based baking business that you'll need to consider before baking your first batch of goodies.
WOMEN GALLERIAOne roof under which all services from cloth purchase to a complete ready to wear suit according to the choice and size of women on demand. Here all the services will be provided by ladies staff such as measurement staff to stitching staff etc. In order to compete and introduce it fully in market we will keep less profit and service charges as compared with other local tailors and female Darzans
Real EstateNew business about Real Estate
Peace Cafe project finalThis is the idea about Coffee cafe
computer repair servicesHome computer repair services
Buzzer system in resturentwith the help of this project customers call the waiter when he have need . when customer need waiter he push a button which are on table and sent a message to reception,
institutional services for enternshipwith the help of this project we provided references to students for enterenship . we charge from students and also given motivational lectures to the empolyees.
Movers and PackersMy idea is relevant to a service oriented industry for provision of packing and moving services to individuals/corporate entities for household/commercial valuables and belongings in the safest, cost effective and most convenient way. We add our services to save the precious time of people and take their all worries relating to shifting issues. Currently, specifically in Faisalabad there is no such organization that is offering such kind of services in an organized manner. So I am considering it as a gap opportunity with an extreme scope.
Boutique My business name is Boutique. Boutique is a growing field and is especially suited to people who want to run their own business
Zamanat Account ( A Saving Plan)This is a saving plan for the public which includes free life insurance plus a reasonable profit as well.
BUSINESS NAME : FIXERSROLL NO:182924 NAME: KHALID MEHMOOD BUSINESS NAME : FIXERS 1. TEAM A good and qualified team of active n sincere members will be established. 2. PRODUCT Coustomers needs will be our product. We will not deal with a perticular product. 3.PROMOTION We will promote our business through good advertisement. 4. SALES Basically we will sale various things and solutions like Law issues,Rescue servicesand Goods delivery etc. 5. REVENUE The revenue of this business will be coustomers fee. 6 FUNDING Charges that coustomers will pay for our product of their interrest will be the funding for our business. 7.MARKETING We have no limit of markete, infact we have nation wide markete for our business. 8.RESOURCES Our personel as well as coustomers strong links will be our resources. 9.EXPENSES Expenses will be defined on implement. 10. VEHICLE Self service based vehicle will be used for coustomers and employes as well. 11. COUSTOMER Any one can be our coustomer.
PET STOREA shop which has all accessories of pets like pet houses , pet food,cages,and collars.
No Image AvailableArts and Crafts Interior DesignMy business name is Arts and Crafts Interior Design. Interior design is a growing field and is especially suited to people who want to run their own business. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the number of interior designers was expected to grow 19 percent between 2015, 2016. This is faster than average for all occupations. I am expecting that demand for interior designers will grow in homes and businesses, making this a great career option with a lot of scope for business.
Ontime Home Mobile ServicesA sole proprietorship to be registered with the name of “Ontime Home Mobile Services” that will promptly facilitate the homes residents regarding services of different disciplines like electrician, plumber, carpenter and sanitary worker on just one call. Revenue will be percentage of service charges to be paid to the technical labour. Data base of technical labour and homes to be maintained to gather both at one plate form. Coordination with minimum 10 technical persons of each discipline in targeted areas will be developed and maintained. Queries will be received by query officer on web site and cell phone which will be available 24 hours for people services. The same query officer will contact the technical labour to materialize his visit in the required home. Mode of payment will be online preferably by customers and services will be rendered after the payment has been received. After deducting 30% revenue commission of the sole proprietorship the balance 70% will be send online to the technical person. Discipline of services and targeted area are initially confined. Subsequently more discipline of services will be added and targeted areas will be extended as revenues are increased. To get breakeven sales 2 to 3 months are targeted.
Web Designing I shell provides web design and website development services in Faisalabad Pakistan. I shell provide services in these area, web designing, web development, logo design, profile design, web hosting, domain registration, graphic designing and all web solutions in Faisalabad Pakistan. I shell create new website with latest technologies.
Medicine Delivered at Door only Faisalabad Medical courier service at door IDEA, Millions of people order supplies online/ call or need certain items delivered to them daily. hire drivers or deliver personally, the medical courier business is an open road for interested individuals.
Interior design business plan sample Interiors also will provide access to products to complement the design consulting services including furniture, both new and antique, decorator fabric, and home and office accessories. This venture offers the personalized services the target market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.
Medicine Delivered at Door only Faisalabad Medical courier service at door IDEA, Millions of people order supplies online/ call or need certain items delivered to them daily. hire drivers or deliver personally, the medical courier business is an open road for interested individuals.
Stitching on your door stepWe do want to provide the services of stitching by door to door. People need facilities on their door step so that we make an idea of stitching.
Traditional dressingTraditional dress idea is a facility to give the people whose like the tradition dress.... and matching related things ..... All the things related to dress available in one shop.
Blooms and Craft jewellery Blooms & Craft Jewelry is unique and stylish product business with principal offices located in Lahore. The company will sell trendy and stylish handmade dough & paper jewelry such as Bangles, earnings, pendants, necklace, bracelet Rings and key chains , initially to local market of Lahore consisting of individuals of all ages from all walks of life. Blooms & Craft jewelry markets its product line as "Style You Deserve" and commits a portion of the company sales revenues to programs that transform the lives of the less fortunate and abolish the exploitation of children and building old homes for the older people in the near future.
Create Software For An OrganizationI want to create software. For example if any organization build, there is need to keep all record of the organization. It is possible by manually way but it is difficult and required more time. In this way by one click we can find out the all transaction of the company.
paperless wedding cardsPaperless wedding cards is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting wedding cards and other papers into digital form. Proponents claim that "going paperless" can save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier and help the environment.
Parlor on your door steppeople needs facilities on their door step so thats why i make an idea about people"s needs...we provide parlor facilities on your door step on your one call.This idea reduce time,increase money .
Mobile Car & Bike WashAs per above business idea title name shows we shall provide car and motor bike wash services at customer desired place within smart time period like business place of business man and job holder office place.
Journey GuideCreate a website & Mobile App That Provide services about departure and arrival timing of Buses,Airplane and Train And we earn revenue from commission & ads .
Cultivated Rice with FishM.Farhaan BUSINESS IDEAS Cultivated Rice with Fish Rice needs more water and we will make pond Hence many Fish we produce with the cultivation of rice Thank you SIR
Decorate your Kids Room with glowing Stars and Moon GHULAM ABBAS ROLL NO.182907 BUSINESS IDEAS  Decorate Yours’ KIDS Rooms with glowing STARS and MOONS  Each Star contain 15cmm  First of all,we will advertise the Business for the awareness of People  We provide suggestion to the parents that how their Childern will Happy Thank you SIR
Cow FarmingFeasibility Report of Cow Farming
Production of MushroomBasically mushroom is naturally product that is use in fast foods organic food and medicines. In modern culture its production is not more then 5% to 8% in our country in this way that is high price and low cost product.
Healthy and Hygienic Premier Meat (حلال)My food company is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its customers. Our Halal products and services are in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements. We guarantee complete transparency and trace-ability.
ECONOMIC SOCIAL WELFARE PLANMy business idea is a unique combination of business profitability along with corporate social responsibility. I name this business idea ECONOMIC SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (ESR). Businessman will earn profit by fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. The justification of business idea and terminology is given below. 1. Economic (The cost of plastic items is high than paper items) Every businessman want low cost. The cost saving will be the point at which every businessman will be ready to listen our idea with great and intense care. 2. Social Responsibility (Replacing plastic item with paper items) By replacing plastic item with paper items our society main problems of (Sewerage) which we face on daily basis on our roads and streets will be resolved at a remarkable difference.
E-serviceswe do want to provide the services of house hold to those persons who cannot or are unable to reach the right persons on time
E-commercewe do provide the online laundry to those persons who are on a very tight schedule
aatikartFaisalabad is a city of textiles and it is a great business hub.I want to set up a business which provides services as well as products, printing and designing of ladies and kids dresses.there is a great market of hand designed and block printed dresses in all over Pakistan. I have a team for this and some experience as well, in parallel we want to take students from different academic institutes which are interested to learn and create art, we will guide them from the basics. they get supported financially as well as in their studies. In this way they get some skills as well as they are able to be independent.
Food StreetThere is no food street in Faisalabad so far. And the main idea is to recruit the home cooks not the chefs major running restaurants of Faisalabad.
Garments OutletAslam O Alikum : I want to start my own business and my business name is garments outlets In my business including variety of gents and females or kids I have 2 year experience of marketing and i know many ways to reducing the cost of production and how to increase the profit ratio of business i also know different and new ideas for increasing the profit like as Using the cctv camera's to monitering the our outlet and watch continously employess activity to removing the fear of loss and other idea is to using the courier service to deliver the more product which cause increasing the profit ratio of business due to this demand of our business product will raise In Sha Allah
Gaming Zone (Gamers Inside)What is Gamers Inside? The Gamers Inside project makes Online and LAN gaming possible. We Provide High End Modern games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota 2 and League of Legends and work with other game projects to create a better environment for playing on the internet, and we showcase all that on the Gamer Inside Community site, inviting everyone to join us there. Moreover we will organize national level tournaments which will develop excitement accross all the gamers and urge new generation in the Era of E- Sports.
Business Promotion platform for Growing OrganizationRecognizing the importance and power of online marketing people are extensively using an online business directory to find a business and search for product and services It is Web base application. It is basically Business Directory which provides a platform for Companies to submit their business for promotion There are three module for this project 1) Business Owner 2) Visitor 3) System
No Image AvailableMarraige Hall and ResturantI wanna start my business Mariage Hall and Resturant...
Vehicle LockIn Pakistan the rate of snatching of bikes and cars is increasing day by day. Because of unemployment and no law and order. So that there is highly need of a security lock system for cars and bikes which should be reliable ,controllable and should must be at low price so that car owners can purchase it as well as bike owners. I made a security lock system by which any body can control his car/bike by using his personal mobile phone. This is a GSM based Security system which is invented by me at very low cost.It has following Functions 1-Whenever you car/bike engine starts it sends a alerting TEXT message to your personal Mobile. 2-You can Lock and unlock your vehicle by using your personal Mobile phone. 3-it will be work from all over the Pakistan. Suppose you are in Karachi and your vehicle is in Lahore then no issue you can lock/unlock your vehicle form Karachi by just using your cell phone. 4- it will also tells you the location of your vehicle.
trace.pkThe general Pakistani internet/smartphone user has problems in navigating the complexity of the internet to find information about certain places of interest near or around them. There are too many places to go and things to do but not enough places that make order of the chaos. Common destinations may include stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, malls, universities, petrol pumps, banks etc. The information that people may require concerning these places is the exact location, contact numbers, quality, photos, services and customer feedback, etc. In businesses like hotels and restaurants, people also want to know which brand is offering deals, who has the better deals and which event is going to happen around them but that information may not be readily available. We aim to provide a complete solution in which users can search, read and review:   1) Business Listings   2) Events   3) Deals   4) Blog > Business listings and event details include hotels, restaurants, colleges, universities, hospitals, beauty parlors & spas, malls, petrol pumps banks etc. > All business listings by the respective businesses will be available on the site and app. Users can review listings, get notifications for businesses they are following, can read reviews of deals or places by others and can also get the complete directions in order to reach that listing. Google Maps is completely integrated in our website. > The site and app will have a regularly updated blogging section where relevant information about current events, food, people and specially the tourism of Pakistan will be covered. Sponsored posts may also be incorporated
Online Shoping Storeour idea is about online shoping.Today's trend is going to online shoping.we will sell evrything on our website.we will also facilitate those people who want to start their own online bussines and we will give them a free plateform.Our website also included wholesale market.
Chitosan based Textile FinishFaisalabad is Manchester of Pakistan because it’s the biggest textile city of Pakistan and all the industries here related to textiles and same is Manchester in UK. Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile commodities in Asia contributing 8.5% to the GDP. The textile sector in Pakistan has an overwhelming impact on the economy, contributing 57% to the country’s exports. In today’s highly competitive global environment, the textile sector needs to upgrade its supply chain, improve productivity, and maximize value-addition to be able to survive. Keeping in view the current demand of the Textile sector our research group has designed chitosan based textile finishing agent with improved anti-pilling, anti-crease properties and good anti-microbial and biocompatibility.
FARFA- Financial Assistance & Relief Fund for AllFARFA is a Micro Finance Company which is involved in micro lending to under privileged women of the society who do not have access to commercial banks and other sources of financing due to lack of knowledge, illiteracy and absence of collateral. Our aim is to empower women, which is also a Millennium Development Goal set by UNDP ( United Nations Development Program for Pakistan). it is a double bottom line business as there is more than one beneficiary of this economic activity, we as a business are also progressing and our end product- the poor women are also moving towards prosperity by starting up/ expanding their businesses and becoming self-sufficient & independent. We also have a FARFA Primary Center in which we provide free primary education to the children of our clients so that they get educated and help their parents when they grow up. Moreover we also provide business literacy and training to our clients so that they get the basic know how of contemporary challenges and issues of the market.
Menu softwareBasically our idea is related to how to reduce the cost of manpower who give and take order
Eco Friendly BagsSUBSTITUITE OF PLASTIC BAGS Plastic bags have a habit of flying everywhere. Not only does this look horrific and untidy but they pose a serious danger to birds and other animals that often mistake them for food. Thousands die after swallowing or choking on discarded plastic bags each year and the worst about plastic bag is that they are not biodegradable. They clog water ways, spoil the landscape and may take 1000 years or more to break down in to small particles.
Social FlocksOur business plan is to facilitate the customer and remove the communication gap between the customer and industry through use of social media. We perform work as a middleman between customer and industries. Strategy provide facilities to the industries for page handling of the social media and promotion of the new products and give the drawbacks or customer trend to the industry but on the other hand we can provide facility to the customer to give the quick response on his complains or drawbacks on the behalf of the company according to relevant company for taste and service.
Nawabi plaoNawabi plao is a very innovative dish and it's all made up from milk, Zaafran,chicken and rice.And it's very beneficial to old and children .This plao reduce the blood pressure.Reduce the weight.It control the hunger and it is very beneficial for brain and bones Growth..The patients who have high uric acid can also use this dish to reduce their chloestrol and it also prevent us from carđiovascular diseases.
Campus Management SolutionThe Campus Management System is the key component of the digital infrastructure of a modern University. The Campus Management System (CMS) is the beating heart of University operations. The CMS is an integrated solution covering Admissions, Academics and Financials. It captures key information for the entire student life cycle: from initial application for admission through enrollment, graduation and beyond. By providing a single source of data, the CMS allows the university to analyze its performance from both a mission perspective (enabling quality learning outcomes) and from a financial perspective (managing and securing the day to day and future operations of the University).
Production and quality evaluation of Essential Oils and Natural Products: Research and Development PlanVision A profitable and sustainable industry producing essential oils and plant extracts of the quality and content that meet their customers’ evolving demands. Goal of the Five-Year R&D Plan To provide the knowledge and skills base for industry to provide consistently high quality essential oils and natural products that respond to market opportunities and enhance profitability. Objectives The objectives of the plan are as follows. • Improve production systems to raise productivity and control over product qualities • Support the demonstration of safety and effectiveness of Pakistani products and facilitate the satisfaction of regulatory requirements to enhance market access • Develop new approaches that provide potential for growing the market for Pakistani product • Improve the industry and research capacity
Enzymatic colour stripping of textiles Uneven of faulty dyeing is a common problem of Textile industries. Chemical Color stripping is the strategy in practice in textile industries to resolve the issue which is not only damaging for textile fibers, also problematic for environment. Enzymatic color stripping is safe, environment friendly and economical approach.
Business Marketing Force This business will support and provide the work force for those peoples who have innovative products and ideas but don't know how to execute or market it. we have team that will guide and market the valuable ideas and saleable products in relevant and right market . we will also provide financial support to those who have innovative technology or services for their dream execution. Our main aim is to provide opportunity to skill labor for their professional expertise implementation and medium to those who want to do business in this competitive environment
Characterization and nutritional profiling of Moringa-Aloe vera blended drinkMedicinal plants are source of pharmacologically-active substances that play their role as therapeutic components and have been successfully used in different diet based therapies against different human maladies. These phytochemicals being natural and easily accessible have close resemblance with the human chemistry, therefore they have no or minimal side effects and have proved alternate for synthetic drugs. About 60% of world population in both developed and under developed countries is using herbal medicines. Moringa oleifera called miracle plant belongs to the family Moringacea. It is evergreen, deciduous, fast growing tree native to South Asia. All parts of Moringa such as leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, bark, stem bark, and pods have remarkable medicinal uses and higher nutritional value .The leaves of Moringa possess remarkable medicinal and nutritional attributes. Its leaves are rich in Vitamin A and C. Different pharmacologically active compound were also identified in Moringa leaf like Niazirin And Niazirinin three mustard oil glycosides, 4-[(4'-O acetylalpha-L-rhamnosyloxy)benzyl] isothiocyanate, Pyrrole alkaloid (pyrrolemarumine 400-O-a-Lrhamnopyranoside) and 40- hydroxyphenylethanamide (marumosides A and B), α and γ- tocopherol . These phytochemicals are significantly effective against infectious and degenerative diseases. Aloe barbadensis knowns as Aloe vera belong to the Lilaceae family. Recent scientific studies have proved the medicinal properties of Aloe vera which have made it valuable ingredient for food, cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical industry . In food industry, it has been used for the production of gel and as an ingredient for functional food development and it is preferred as a natural product with medicinal and therapeutic properties . It has been demonstrated that Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) leaf extracts containing high antioxidant activity, directly related to their phenolic content . The Aloe vera gel can be utilized as a valuable ingredient in food because of its biological activity and functional properties .
Meat analogue productThe alteration in eating pattern demands new products that fulfill consumer needs of healthy and tasty products which substitute the function of meat as well as contribute a similar high protein nutritional value. The interest has been increased in plant based meat protein analogues due to their similar functional and nutritional value as well as cheap and easy availability. Providing safe, nutritious, and wholesome food for poor and undernourished populations has been a major challenge for the developing world. More explicitly, protein-energy malnutrition is among the sternest problems faced by least developed countries today. For the purpose the present study is being planned to replace meat in chicken balls using different concentration levels of whey and soy protein. Whey and soy proteins are cheap and easily available proteins. They have ideal balance of amino acids and may replace meat in different recipes without affecting functionality and sensory acceptance of the products. Moreover, due to religious and ethical issues this is need of the time to explore new alternative sources of meat for vegetarians.
Moringa: A Miracle TreeOur project is to create a business producing Moringa tea. Moringa has exceptional nutritional value and remarkable medicinal properties. This miracle plant is plentiful with vitamins such as Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and minerals, which include potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium. The moringa leaves alone are a storehouse of potent and disease-preventing nutrients, as well as essential amino acids. Our aims are to reduce the malnutrition rate in Pakistan as well as other malnourished countries as Moringa contains many important vitamins and minerals, and to provide employment and income to local farmers during the non-harvest season
Wheat Grass Juice. Green BloodAs wheat grass juice is called as Green Blood because it contains all those moieties which have been seen in human blood, like same Ph, about same composition, and so many advantages. So that’s why I have an idea to make wheat grass farms. Starting a wheat grass farm is therefore lucrative attempt in the present scenario. Be a wheat grass farmer and make arrangement of these kits including seeds to produce such multipurpose item. This process is not industrious. we can initiate it without overburdening ourselves. Tremendous growth of different types of farming activities motivate newcomers to delve into these activities. As wheat grass, has proved excellent healing food its demand has grown over the period. Such items remain best options due to abundant quantity of chlorophyll, amino acid, mineral, vitamins and enzymes in them. Wheat grass is liked by all hence starting business through such farms is definitely rewarding
HAND MADE JEWELRYJewelry is one of the most important fashion feature for females. Creative and designed jewelry is liked by most ladies because it makes them different from others. Keeping in view the demand of the ladies, we have a variety of handmade jewelry prepared with doe and wire , suitable for different occasions comfortable and durable . Our Hand made jewelry is exclusive in design and not much expensive which is in the range of almost everyone .
Paintings in Fantasy NatureEvery human being has an instinct of beauty and he likes the beauty on their surroundings To satisfy this instinct he finds different ways ,,,, painting is one of those ways of human satisfaction. But, most paintings available in market are in print form not in painting form. Furthermore, these paintings are far from the reach of every individual. To overcome the above-mentioned problems regarding painting, I enhanced the FANTASY NATURE in my paintings in which architecture, cultural glimpses, landscapes, birds, and all formations related to Nature beauty. All paintings are painted in different mediums, acrylic, water color, pestles, oil and with framed in reasonable price range.
INNOVATIVE STITCHING STYLE IN BED LINENToday’s world is the age of innovation. Normally the bed sheets available in the market are in simple stitching. Keeping in view the innovative nature of human beings we want to improve the traditional bed sheet style with latest made ups, which looks different from normal bed sheet styles. We will provide more attractive and beautiful bed sheets in reasonable rates which can be afforded by middle class. The made ups (Stitching Style) will be different and eye catching than other expensive brands. We will provide following segments: A. Single bed sheet with pillow B. Double bed sheet with two pillows C. Double bed sheet with summer quilt, two cushions, one neck roll, one breakfast pillow D. Deluxe BED IN A BAG (One sheet, comforter, four cushions, one neck roll, breakfast pillow, fitted sheet)
Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.) Functional Drink. A Key to HealthMany developing countries including Pakistan are facing a lot of challenges about health care and many peoples want to get relief from medicines, so there is a need of time to move from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, Medicine to Functional and Disease targeting foods. Bitter Gourd based functional drink can probe so many health claims like Diabetes, cancer, kidney stone, skin problems, Gut problems, Eye Disorders, Malaria and jaundice, hyperlipidemia and hypertriglyceridemia. Pakistan is leading country in these diseases, so this idea can lead to cure these health related disorder and to earn profit as well.
Software Development CenterThere is need for the software development center in collaboration of department of computer science, Students of Computer Science and industry. Under the supervision of department, students get paid projects from industry, design and develop the software project for the industry. Software development amount should also be distributed accordingly.
CURE PHARMACYThe aim is to construct a Pharmacy with facilities which are not available in existing Pharmacies with the aim to facilitate the patient for promoting health and developing their trust Health survives.The following survives can be provided. 1. Availability of Extemporaneous preparations (TPN) products 2. Creating a helpful and Informative website 3. Delivery of drugs on calls and text. 4. Contract with University Pharmacy Department for the purpose of paid internship for final year students. 5. Facility of administrating I.V injection in Pharmacy
Samart Satellite Pharmacy SystemMy idea focuses on earning more profit and serving even huge number of people through the innovative system of Smart Satellite Pharmacies (Al.Sehat Pharmacies). It'll comprise of a network of Mobile Pharmacies each having a Pharmacist. The order can easily be made online through watsapp, sms or even fone call; later through specially designed smart sehat app that will show the location of Pharmacy , the status of order, no. of order, status of payment.The customer shall also get the medical services like B.P, Blood glucose, BMI monitoring, councelling as well as instant access to health care profesaional especially for the Chronic bed Ridden and home alone patients e.g COPD, CRF, Praralysed etc. This will reduce the hassle of patient and shall provide better oppertunity for pharmacy to dwell as there is no bad location for you The Smart Satellite Pharmacy shall carry a stock of 3 days and refill would be given every second day to the Pharmacy In this way at the spot major investments like Huge stock purchase, Building Rent, electricity, Labour etc will get cutt off. On the other hand rush of customers towrds chain pharmacies will definetely decrease as they don't have to go to Pharmacy; visit the Physician, make a pic of prescription order send through Smart Sehat App or Watsapp and head straight home no hassle, no waiting. By the time when you reach home SehatMed will be at your door step.The customer can make payment on that time or during the next time when medicines or health services are provided. That'll be through the use of cash, credit/debit cards, and through online mobile accounts. The app shall also keep payment record as well as no. Of order by the same customer. If carried to the next level the elite customers can donate zakat for delivering medicines to the Poors of rural and backward areas.Post Marketing Survellence can also be done too. App shall be available on playstore. Position of the sehat pharmacy can be seen through the app and the time to deliver the order can also be seen.In this system the services would initially be provided to Elite Colonies of the City and afterwards to the other parts of the city which include rural areas as well. The service shall be given during 18 hours in beginning and later it'll be given for 24 hours.The pharmacist on shift shall change after 8 hours at the station and at the same time Smart Sehat Pharmacy shall be given a refill
Theadrink (Functional drink)Health care burden among the leading challenges for devolving economies and Pakistan is no more exception. Without doubt, we are facing serious health challenges especially metabolic syndromes. Currently, in terms of diabetes we are at 4th place whereas, obesity, Hypertension , cancer and CVD complications are also higher side. However, medicines are inevitable for human however, their side effects, higher medication cost demands for some rational interventions. in this context, functional foods and nutrcaceuticals has engrossed attention of masses owing to their acceptability and health claims. Globally, functional foods holds major share of nutritional industry. Current project has planned to commercilization of polyphenol based functional drink for the patients of obesity and diabets. major interest is to produce cost effective, safe and naturan intervention that can act as curative and preventive agent against metabolic syndromes
Asad Health Services Everyday Thousands of people struggle for better health care. We want to change that. We created AHS to solve patient problems, beginning with online appointment-booking – and we haven’t stopped building since. With AHS, you can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online, make informed choices with verified data. Read verified doctor reviews and ratings by real patients.With this healthcare data, they can make better healthcare decisions.