Event History

EVENTS History

Allocation Ceremony

On 13 October, 2021, 2nd phase of incubates
has started with office allotment ceremony to successful Incubates into the Business
Incubation Centre (BIC) of GC University Faisalabad. Prof. Dr. Shahid Kamal (Vice
Chancellor), urged incubates to put their best to flourish and make optimum use
of privileged office spaces. He further advised that to seek success you have
to get your shoes dusty. Further, he narrated some real-life success stories
with the audience from his auspicious bank of exposures. There is a strong need
to motivate, streamline and construct diverse contributors to the caravan to make
business success stories under the patronage of university. Economic and social
uplift of individuals, groups, society and country at large must be among
guiding principles to curate entrepreneurial mindset into living enterprises.
He further added that much has been done and a lot more need to be done, while
admiring current progress of BIC. He admonished to create a culture to promo the
realistic, problem solving, innovative and creative solutions to problems of
common people and industry especially. He further shared the possibility of
seed capita, venture capital and support from varied available sources of funding
to the unique business ideas. Manager BIC, Dr. Mohsin Bashir, presented
progress report,
future development plane, and
introduced team formation to achieve best score in assessment score card set by
HEC, Pakistan. At the end each team member presented a
snapshot of their
individual goals.