Sr #


Father Name

Business Title

Idea Description


Zarmeen Shahbaz

Shahbaz Mahmood

ZR Foods

"ZR FOODS" We make homemade fresh food and frozen items according to customer’s taste and demand. They ordered us what they want then we delivered them also made hostel mess for both boys and girls.


Salman Ahmar

Basharat Ali

This Able!

This! Able is a business startup of students of Public Policy of GCUF which is a social enterprise that will provide their services regarding paid internships and services to host conferences seminars and related logistics and after gaining the funds we will serve an integral portion of profit with disabled persons-based NGOs.


Ayesha Sadiqa

Muhammad jameel sabir

Research Services for Researchers (RSR)

“RSR is a pre-clinical research services company that offer in vitro and in vivo testing services for the screening of compounds & extracts libraries for various biological activities. RSR mainly aims to support academic groups, research scholars and pharmaceutical companies.


Anita Shahzadi

Muhammad Yaseen

Care Physical Therapy Center

"Care Physical Therapy Center" is a rehab center which enables the patients to regain physical functions and improve activities of daily living and facilitate clients to maintain physical fitness


Muhammad Rehan

Saeleem Ahmad

The Paper Bistro

"The Paper Bistro" is a Customized Library with Cafe and Child Story launch where a person immediately gets the urge to sit down, have a book to read and order a lifetime supply of coffee or tea. The Paper Bistro aims to see every individual with a book, promoting book reading culture in the society.


Khadija Maham

Azher Ahmad

Health & Wealth

“Health and wealth” providing diet plan services, Nutritional guideline and medical camps. The health and wealth aim to treat different diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension through healthy food. Food should be our medicine.


Rao Ayaz

Sarfraz Saeed

Knowledge Globiz

Knowledge Globiz organize seminars by which students can learn about their interest topic or field. Different expert chief guests of different fields will share their knowledge.


Mustafa Ijaz

Ijaz Ahmad Khan

Herbal Tea House

"Herbal Tea House" provide solution for cardiometabolic disorders due to obesity like hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus.  The solution is a high quality, optimum blended, mixture of herbal tea, packed in a tea bags.