Success Stories

Touraj Herl

I am greatful to business incubation center for giving me this opportunity to take up my idea towards reality. Today, I am able to earn enough to hold my own expenses and I am now totally independent from parents in context of financial aid. Health has been the biggest issue of our nation and most sensitive too, BIC showed me their trust and I tried my level best to keep their trust intact. As far as business development is concerned, we are now known as health care managers in city. We get ourselves registered from Punjab Health Commission, World Health Organization and Security Exchange Commission Pakistan. This ensures our firmness towards quality and rules. We are a Pvt. Limited company and going to launch two sister concerns as described below.

1. Mankind (An NGO for providing free medicine to white collar deserving community).

2. Makhlook Labortries (For incresing quality of diganostic results and to start real time culture senstivity, isolation and identification tests for promotion better treatment in community).

With Sincear Reards,
Touraj Herl.
Managing Director,
Office # 9,
Business Incubation Center,
Govt. College University,
Jhang Road, FSD

FnF Travels & Tours

I am very thankful to Business Incubation Center (BIC) for giving me to this opportunity to change my dream into reality. I had a passion of my own business, I want to start my business but there was no opportunity to start my own business. When the Business Incubation Center started the business idea competition, it was good opportunity to explore my idea and luckily big accepted my idea and it was big opportunity to start my own business. Now Alhamdulillah I am running my own business Friends & Family (FnF) travels and Tours. I able to earn enough to hold own expenses and I am totally independent on my parents for financial aid.

FnF Travels & Tours
Cabin #5
Business Incubation Center (BIC)
Government College University Faisalabad

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