Waste to Value

Interested students of GCUF can participate in it. Prize money will be given to the First three positions.

1st prize : 20,000 rupees
2nd prize : 10,000 rupees
3rd prize : 5,000 rupees

Additionally, E-Certificates will be given to all participants.

International conference on Sustainable Future Food Systems, in collaboration with, Lyallpur Industrial Expo, bring for you this event. In this event different projects will also be displayed under the theme of ” Waste to Value”. means how we can transfer waste materials into useful products.

Students can participate under the following themes:
Conversion of organic waste into biofuels
• Recycling and upcycling initiatives
• Utilization of waste materials in manufacturing processes for food and non-food products
• Utilization of waste materials for making art and decor
• Utilization of waste for sustainable energy and clean environment
• Sustainable packaging solutions