Vice Chancellor's Message

Keeping in view the economic stress and increasing unemployment in the country we are creating environment for students and stakeholders to take responsibility to play effective role in the society through innovative entrepreneurial initiatives. We believe in the abilities of our new generation and aware of their limitation so we are just providing them resources in shape of physical structure and moral sport for their first flight to compete in vibrant business environment. We have opened our doors for those who really want to change themselves and world through their creative thinking.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Amin
Vice Chancellor, Governmenr College University Faisalabad

Our Vision

To create the environment for business initiative for sustainable economic growth of the country.

Our Mission

To enable each person of the society to take responsibility for effective contribution in economic stream of the country. We want to provide complete business support to business starter to reduce the failure chance and increase the success rate through mature mentor-ship program.